Thursday, October 27, 2011

Insta-Weekend 10.23.11

Family pictures. Notice the red eyes? That's from the meltdown that occurred 8 minutes into the photo shoot. Mason wasn't feeling well (ear infection) but Prior was just crying because it was the thing to do. The day after, Prior said: "Mommy - we be naughty at pictures?" YES! 
Guess what!? Ben and I both left the boys together for the FIRST time since they were born.  More pictures to come! Destination: Newport Beach, CA
Olive oil tasting - so fun! 
Olive oil

The view...
Reminds me of the pond in our back yard. Well, kinda.
Making a mess...
Headed home... 
Bye-bye ocean - you're not that cool anyway...
Mason and his sticker-stash.

Prior and his sticker-stash.
Playing with the toy airplanes we brought home from the trip. 
Oh - and wine could I forget?!

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