Sunday, October 16, 2011

Insta-Weekend 10-16-11

Finishing up the final touches in the bathroom remodel.

Friday fun-day with Mom


Showing off the tattoos we got after being good for our hair cuts.

Yummy greek yogurt.

Lunch at IKEA!

Mason's milk mustache.

A couple quick rides at Camp Snoopy - aka Nikelodeon Universe

Lucky boys.


Our new $1.99 bath toys from IKEA - funnels!

In a matter of 6 minutes in one isle of the Home Depot, the boys unpacked an entire battery display. We counted over 30 packs of batteries as we attempted to put them back.
Ben showing off his 'carpentering' skills.
Building a stack of diapers / wipes after a trip to Costco. Some think diapers are fun (i.e. P&M!!) Others do not (i.e. Mom and Dad!)

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