Sunday, October 2, 2011

Insta-Weekend 10.2.11

He already loves the 10-key....
Maybe he'll want to play with my CPA review flash cards soon??

A mini tantrum in the tubbie. Ben and I have agreed we've just recently noticed the "terrible 2's". I think the consensus is that they happen closer to the 3's than 2's. We'd agree!

Mason helping with the laundry. He's a great help as long as you like folding and re-folding and re-folding the laundry!

There are two parks within walking distance of our home. One happens to be right next door to the fire house. And the fire house happens to be one of the boys' favorite places. The doors were open one day last week and so Erika and the boys walked over and they were lucky enough to get a personal tour by a fireman. They even got to drive the trucks and wear the uniforms. Lucky guys!


 Cleaning the chalkboard. A bucket full of water inside the house can be very dangerous!

Despite the gorgeous weather the boys have a lingering cough so we spent the afternoon chillin' at the Lion King 3-D. The boys (surprisingly) lasted through the entire movie. The glasses didn't last, though. They were so smudged with popcorn grease that they weren't on very long! This picture cracks me up!

I saw these at Trader Joe's and the oh-so reminded me of my Grandpa Wall...

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