Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our First Christmas, Part 2

Santa Clause followed us all the way back to Grandpa Denny and Grandma Barb's house over the New Year's weekend so we could celebrate Christmas.

It was a very cold weekend with temps below zero, but we managed to remain warm and cozy as 10 adults and 5 children shared a one bathroom farmhouse. The boys got to hang out with their cousins and Grandma and Grandpa - what could be better?! The boys made out like bandits once again. Their loot included a riding zebra that bounces, a baseball bat and tee that makes noise, a little people farm set, an Elmo book, some new clothes, more toys, and even some handmade toys from Grandma (just to name a few). 

One of my personal favorite gifts was actually the boys' behavior in the car on the way to Dedham. It is a 4 1/2 hour drive with no stops. And with almost-one-year-olds, 4 1/2 hours has the potential to feel more like 4 1/2 days. THANK YOU for being so good.  

Here we are with our cousins, Kennedy, Alli, and Miya. We are the youngest in this picture, but not for long! Cousin Miya is going to have a new baby sister in May! We are so excited!

More presents!

Uncle Jacob with Prior and Mason

Mase Man

Prior reading a story with Grandma

Prior and Mason posing with Grandpa before he heads out to feed calves. Grandpa Denny, we promise to help you with chores next year!

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