Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our First Christmas, Part 1

Last weekend we celebrated Part 1 of our very first Christmas. Cara was in town from Arizona. Grandpa Don and Grandma Julie drove up before the big storm on Tuesday night. And on Wednesday we celebrated Christmas with my side of the family. It was quite the storm. We received about 20 inches of snow over the course of a few days.

Christmas isn't supposed to be all about gifts. But when you're a kid let's face it - the presents are pretty important. And lucky for these two little boys, first Christmases are recession-proof! Here's a run down of what Prior and Mason got for their very first Christmas, Part 1.

Auntie Cara's Christmas gifts were bath-tub themed. Books for the bath, squirt toys, a bath tub rack for all the toys, and more books. Growing up, I had a ton of very fun bath tub books and toys. I am very excited for the boys to have the same. One of the books is even ELMO!

Grandma Julie brought us lots of fun books, toys and a cool toy that the boys can walk behind that turns into a car. It's perfect timing as they are just learning to walk. (Is that a good thing?!?)The best gift, however, was a book that she wrote just for Prior and Mason. The book is titled, "Clayton and Jasper, A Story of Twin Fawns". It is such a good book and I already know it will be one of their favorite books. I plan to post it soon so stay tuned!

Grandpa Don brought the boys several new Gymboree outfits, size 12-18 months. Perfect timing as the boys are just outgrowing the 6-12 month size clothes. Grandpa also brought the boys a giant inflatable bouncy castle filled with balls! Most things look bigger in the box/packaging than they are once put together. Not this castle! It's huge! Think Chucky Cheese! Our big finished basement is becoming more and more necessary every day...

Santa brought the boys some new socks and new Cookie Monster and Elmo bath towels.

Lucky boys!

Prior and his new push toy.

Prior opening gifts from Santa. The boys are too young yet to fully understand Christmas but they loved tearing at the paper (and trying to eat it).

Grandpa Don with Mason (l) and Prior (r)

Prior and Mason checking out their new inflatable castle! We all know how these boys like to bounce...

This is awesome!

Grandma Julie reading a new book with Mason. The book is about snowmen - very timely!

Auntie Cara with Mason and Prior

Grandpa Don feeding the boys their breakfast.

After Grandma and Grandpa left it kept snowing and snowing and snowing.  We watched Dad clear the driveway at least 3 times. Sure glad to be inside!

We've lived up in Minneapolis for almost 10 years. The first few were in an apartment and townhouse however Ben did wait a very long time to purchase the snow blower. I have always encouraged the purchase because 1) I refuse to shovel snow and 2) we have a very wide driveway. You're officially a Minnesotan when you purchase a snowblower. Maybe he was holding out hope that we'd move somewhere warmer. Last winter he broke down and made the purchase. Coming in handy you can see. Note the winter jacket (i.e. hooded sweatshirt). Clearly it's not that cold here...

Mason, Noi, and Prior

On Christmas Day we went to church. It was a WHITE Christmas!

Thank you again for the wonderful gifts - but most of all thank you for spending time with us! We love you!

Stay tuned for "Our Very First Christmas, Part 2", a traveling Christmas.


  1. They are so stinkin' cute! That castle just looks like a blast!! Merry Christmas Schultes Family!

  2. They are very cute little boys. Love the santa hats!

  3. Kristin, I love reading your blog - it's so cute and well written - it always makes me smile :) We started one as well! I hope everything is going well in MN, we are definitely loving sunny AZ!


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