Friday, January 22, 2010

Do little girls do this?

The boys have completely destroyed nearly every book in the house that has flaps or makes noise. And by destroy, I mean

Do little girls destroy books like this? I'm guessing not. 

And I know what you're thinking. If you (a responsible adult) read the books with them you can prevent this from happening.


With 20 of the busiest fingers you've ever seen and drool running out by the bucket load, this is not preventable. 

I have mentally started a list of replacement books I want to buy for when the boys are over the "eating" stage of book reading.

The books below were all gifts I believe. At first I felt bad that the boys have destroyed them. But in reality - it is much better this way than sitting on a shelf and not being used, right!?

This page, which previously had 3 flaps, also makes noise. 

Our flap collection, less what we ate.

Luckily Mom has the words memorized to this book, titled "10 Little Ladybugs", so we don't even miss this page.

This poor puppy. There are about 10 other poor puppies in this book with the same fate.

Notice the page says, "can you pat it?" 
Clearly the answer is "yes", we can pat it...and scratch it, eat it, lick it, and rub it.

While the other books described above are still deemed to be safe, I decided this one needed to be retired once I discovered the exposed wires.


  1. These boys have accomplished many milestones in the past 11 months, but this is one to be celebrated! They are serious about reading! Well, maybe not about the reading part.

  2. Girls do this too! We have not 1 flap left on a book in this entire house!

  3. Our 2 girls do this TOO!! Morgan is the worst..that girl chews and rips ANYTHING!

  4. Oh yes... Girls DEFINITELY do this too. We even have one of the books you posted a pic of - the DOGS book. Madelyn has 'loved' it so much that the cover is no longer even connected. I think there are still two flaps left... that she stills acts surprised about.

    It is one thing when an infant/toddler chews, rips, or eats parts to a book... But when your three year old picks off the bindings and the covers of classic books like Good night Moon or autographs EVERY page of her new set of non-board books with the two letters she knows how to write (A and V), it gets to be a little infuriating!!


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