Monday, March 5, 2012

Insta-Weekend 3.4.12

The first Saturday of every month at the Home Depot is "Kids Workshop", a free build-your-own project. This month's event was building a race car. Hammers and all. The boys loved it!
We frequent Home Depot quite often and the boys were not pleased last fall when they put away the lawn mowers and got out the snow blowers. So when the tractors were back out this weekend the boys were ecstatic!!
John Deere heaven! They were also giving out popcorn. The boys were busy on the tractors so I ate most of P's. That didn't go over well so we went back to get more. P told the popcorn man that his mom ate all of his and the guy behind us in line laughed out loud. Ha!
After Home Depot we got our hair cut and headed downtown to "Daddy's Work Office" and found some candy and even got to have lunch with Dad. How fun!
I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I took the boys to Trader Joe's (alone) and they had mini carts that the boys had to use. Envision herding cats with shopping carts....we only tipped a cart over once. Our favorite thing at Joe's is their "letter crackers". We ended up with two of almost everything we bought. One in one cart, one in the other. This picture cracks me up - it's like they're checking out the nutritional content of the container.
We've been reading the Lorax over and over in preparation...and on Sunday we went to see the movie. It was SO good! It might be my favorite animation ever! The boys loved it too. 
A picture text from Erika from earlier this week....

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