Sunday, March 18, 2012

Insta-Weekend 3.18.12

"Helping" Dad with his window project

Some refreshing strawberry smoothies after some hard work.

no chance P is sharing this smoothie!
A fun school carnival with our neighbor friends.

On Saturday we watched Cara and Cory run in the Get Lucky St. Patty's Day run. The weather was perfect!! 
The finish line happened to be right near here: our first apartment we had in Minneapolis back in 2002. It.was.tiny!!
We had some hungry birds in our yard this weekend so we put up some feeders. We only spilled some.
We also added all of the 'flare' back to the swing set. I would have guessed we'd be doing this in May and not March...

At the park!
Mason's cheesy smile. 

The boys are able to do bike rides now this year - it's so much fun!
It seems strange to see shorts and t-shirts but brown grass. 80 degrees in March is unheard of! (Literally, according to the experts!)
These happen to be new outfits that the boys insisted on wearing ALL weekend!

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