Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our "New" House

I've been debating for months what to write about our newest house. I kept feeling like there really wasn't much to say...hence the delay.

But I've had several requests...even one from Tyler that came in the form of a 4 am text message. (He must have been up early for work). So I'll do my best.

This move took place in April.  It was the first move post-kids. It was also the first time we weren't carrying boxes ourselves. We packed everything ourselves, which was nice because it gave us an opportunity to purge. But we hired movers to move the crap. Despite the purging, I was actually quite disgusted when I realized that it took a 52 foot long semi (packed to the gills) to transport our *stuff* 10 miles south. How ridiculous is that!?

The main reason for the move was a better commute and a good school district. I've done the math and I pick up an additional 3.67 hours per week and 14.42 hours per month to do things other than drive. Sweet, huh? Surprisingly, it wasn't difficult to fill that time.

While we did get an offer on the old house, it ended up falling through. It was an extremely painful process but it ended up working out for the best. So we're renting it. Our current house count is at 3 which I think is enough for the time being. Most lending institutions would also agree.

Our townhouse was brand new. Our last house was brand new. Neither were anything fancy - very cheap finishes. But they were new. 

This one is not!  

And I'll be honest. It's been quite the adjustment. 

I've always thought remodeling and flipping houses would be fun. In fact, a few years ago, I was convinced that flipping houses was my calling. Turns out I may need a bit more patience for that gig. At least if I'm living in the house being flipped.

This house is very livable. But as you can see from the gigantic dumpster in our driveway, the projects have started. And my attitude is improving by the minute as progress is being made!

My faaaavorite part about the new house? In the old house, the master was on the main level and the boys slept upstairs. In this house, all of the bedrooms are upstairs and it's a lot easier to peek in and watch my boys of my favorite things ever.

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