Sunday, September 11, 2011


You can't go to the park without bringing a "picnic"! Thank you, Carson, for introducing us to applesauce in squeeze pouches!

Ben's uncle Randy was in town and offered to help replace a door. The project involved some hammering and a sawz-all. When that came out, the boys started crying and yelling, "DON'T CUT MY HOUSE, DON'T CUT MY HOUSE!" It was so cute.

Cara was in town and we went to Lakeshore Learning. She spent money for her classroom and I spent money spoiling my boys. Their new "payer" has been worth it's weight in gold already. It's a huge hit. If you're "buying" things from P or M, everything costs "two-and-a-half"...their age. It's so cute!

Picking out wall colors for the bathroom remodel. It's so hard to choose. Thank goodness for sample sizes. Wish me luck...

Lovie needs breakfast, too!

Yummm...puppy chow

Bed head...
Suuuuper proud of my parenting skills after a babysitter sent me this picture of the boys eating dinner in the plank pose.
Mr. G

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