Saturday, September 3, 2011


Like many others, I have been obsessed recently with the "instagram" app on my iphone. I capture a lot of candid pictures with my phone and many are real keepers. They really tell the story of our lives.

Weekends seem to fly by at the speed of light, so that is how the title "insta-weekend" came about. I thought I would try to post a few of my phone pictures on a weekly basis, since most are taken on the weekends. I've picked a handful of my recent favorites here...

The boys love using recycled plans from mom's work for their artwork. On one side is the mechanical system of the in-process Radisson Blu Hotel at the Mall of America and on the other side is colorful artwork by "the" Prior and Mason!

I've been in complete denial that my boys will, at some point, outgrow their naps. They have officially begun boycotting their naps on the weekends when Mom and Dad are home. That means more naps in their car seats! (P)

At the bookstore in Decorah. (P/M)

Lemon juice. Straight up. Our fridge is 48" wide and they can somehow get it open themselves. I'm surprised I haven't childproofed that as well. (P)

The boys' bathroom is being remodeled this week (thank goodness). 
That means "big boy showers" for the boys!

Getting' our money's worth out of our Children's Museum pass (M)

Splash park in St. Louis Park (M)

'Helping' at Mommy's work.

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