Sunday, July 31, 2011

Good Bye Noi!

This day feels like a few weeks ago! This was taken in the fall of 2009 when Noi joined us as our new au pair. 

My, how time flies...

Noi's visa had expired and it was time for her to return to Thailand. {The maximum time an au pair can stay in the US without enrolling in school or getting married is 24 months - so this wasn't a surprise.} But it was still very stressful.

Noi was the best nanny. I could write a book here about how great she was with the boys and how much she taught them. {big sigh!} They are pretty smart cookies for only being 2!

On July 1st we had a little going away party for her. 

While we prepared for the party, the boys took a 1-2 mini bites out of every peach in in the basket. And put them back in the basket, of course.

The celebrations started earlier in the week with a party with the boys' best buddies, Ben and Will. The Johnstons brought over cake and ice cream to wish Noi well in her future adventures.

Will, Mason, Noi, Prior, Ben
This is what happens when you ask four two-year-olds to raise their hand if they like cake and ice cream!

The celebrations continued with an official going away party. The menu, of course, needed to be Thai food. I've learned a lot about cooking Thai over the last year and a half, but I left the cooking to the expert. 

The menu consisted of:

- Pad Thai (of course)
- Pinneaple and basil chicken
- Fried rice
- Papaya salad

Chef Noi

Um - YUM!
Noi and one of her friends

 I contributed to the cooking by hiring my friend, Kristi, to make some delicious coconut key-lime cupcakes. They. Were. Amazing! Thanks, KM!

Noi and P

Noi and M

We were all very sad when we dropped Noi off at the airport in the wee-morning hours of July 2nd (especially momma). Now, whenever we see an airplane in the sky the boys say: "Noi go on airplane. Noi go Thaiwand." It's super cute.

When we were evaluating all of our childcare options way back when I was pregnant and decided on the au pair route, I had no idea how attached we would all become to our nanny. It makes sense - she lived with us, took the best care of our precious rugrats, and was literally part of our family for a long time! We hope that some day we will see her again. Good luck, Noi!

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  1. Oh I'm so sad for you guys! I felt like I knew Noi just from your blog posts about her! So glad your experience with her went well. Are you going to get another one?


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