Wednesday, July 20, 2011

4th of July Weekend

We really love visitors! Because all of our family is out of town, it is extra special when we have family come to see us. We had a very fun and relaxing 4th of July weekend this year. The Steinkamp's were in town and the boys had a blast with their cousins, Miya and Abby. We were all amazed that the four kiddos played so well together for the entire weekend with almost no fighting.  

We had a sprinkler party, a pool party, a trip to the real pool, a trip to the boys' FAVORITE hangout, the Minneapolis Children's Museum in St. Paul, swing-set time, park time, a Twins game, some episodes of "Pawn Stars", date night with Ben (a movie), Noi's going-away party (separate post on this) and some grillin' and chillin. [I think my note above said it was a relaxing weekend - I take that back!]

The boys really took an interest in going potty on the "pot" this weekend. So there was a lot of nakedness. We're still in diapers, but we're gaining some momentum. I can't wait to be done!

Yeah, so that Twins game we went to....we knew better than to take the kiddos. That wouldn't have been much fun. My sister, Cara, drove up here from Rochester and her and Cory were nice enough to watch all four rugrats while we went to the game. I have the best sister ever! Thanks again, Cara! And Gina and Jason let Ben and I sneak away to a movie after the boys were in bed. Lucky us!

Side note: I had the wrong camera settings for most of these pictures - so frustrating! I know that no one cares, but my ISO settings were way too high - the pictures all look too grainy. Ugh!

Sprinkler party!

Ok, I lied about the fighting. I think there may have been some disagreements about who was sitting where. But it was all good and we were soon at the park.

Mason "DUNKED" it! That kid loves balls. 

P in the tire swing.

Cousins are the best...

Little Miss Abby is the absolute best photo model. She's easy going and she's at that age where she'll actually stay put long enough to take her picture. And that smile, seriously!? It's unbelievably adorable. 

Naked finger painting - does it get any better? 
Sweet little innocent Abby!
Innocent? Not so much.
Ahh, we need new siding anyway.
The funniest part of this picture is that P clearly had an itch on his behinder - ha! What's a dude supposed to do!?
Mr. P and his mango...he must have just gone potty.

Miss Miya and her string cheese!
Playin' in the pool. Tight quarters...but hey, we're related.

I guess it wasn't that tight - there was room for a giant dump truck. Busy little bees!

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