Sunday, April 3, 2011


The boys' obsession with oranges ("oh-nanges" as pronounced by P&M) is deserving of it's own post. 

P&M have always loved fruit so it's not a huge surprise that in the winter months when fresh fruit is scarce, we turn to the little 'cutie' oranges. We currently go through 9 pounds of them a week (3, 3 pound bags). Granted, it's not just P&M that eat them, but still...they're not free.

They don't just eat them. They carry them around everywhere they go. Ben calls them  stress balls for 2 year-olds. 

The boys constantly have an orange in one hand. It's funny when they're trying to do something that requires two hands with just one (because they have an orange in their hand and don't want to set it down). Like riding the toy horse in the basement, pushing around their toy vacuum, or pushing their toy lawn mower. I've even seen one of them try to hit the ball off the tee with one hand while holding an orange in the other. 

Huge surprise - my boys are special!!


(P) - side note: it's physically impossible for the boys to not unravel the toilet paper while sitting on the potty. Impossible.

(M/P) - I love how the cheesy smiles have already started.

I've also found these little oranges just about everywhere: the tub, drawers, clothes baskets, my bed, my name it. 

They carry the oranges around around and eventually they sit down and peel it and eat it. It's pretty funny stuff!

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