Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Children's Museum

One of our fun winter finds this year was the Children's Museum in St. Paul. What a perfect place for 2 year olds! The boys talked about it for days afterwards. 

The boys, Noi, and I went over on a Saturday while Dad was at work. (Have I mentioned recently how thankful I am to no longer have a "busy season!?") It's been 3 years and I'm still just as thankful. YUK! We had so much fun we had to go back a few weeks later with Dad.

We met up with our friend Roman, too! The area of the museum that had a lot of water was a big hit.
Buttons and lights - how cool!?

The bus was the boys' all-time favorite attraction at the museum. Lots of fighting of who was "dwibing". 

Mason riding on the bus - waiting for the driver seat to open up

Monkeys climing!

Prior is a tattle-tale (already) so this picture cracks me up. He was probably pointing to Mason getting into trouble.

Personally, I thought the tot-sized grocery store was the coolest part!

Thank Goodness for indoor activities in MN!

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