Wednesday, March 16, 2011


(note: I wrote this in January and forgot to post it - so here it is!)

I thought I had until at least kindergarten before I had to worry about the boys trying to trick us. You know, about the time they would be wanting to get out of something - like school or church.

We didn't quite make it that long.

They got us.

At just about a week shy of their 2nd birthday.

I told you all that the boys had pneumonia. Well, the truth is that Mason definitely had pneumonia and an ear infection, but Prior wasn't quite as sick. He acted as sick, but his ears looked fine and his lungs didn't sound nearly as bad as Masons. But the doctors gave him medicine anyway and he's fine now.

I'll admit - I was a little suspicious at this point. I thought maybe it was sympathy pains - since they do share the same DNA and all. 

Mason's medicine cleared up the pneumonia but didn't quite get the ear infection. I took him in on Friday (by himself) to the doctor. He had a double ear infection. Poor kid. I guess the pneumonia medicine only works quote "sometimes" for ear infections. (That would have been nice to know.)

Anyway, Mason and I came home with medicine to clear up his ear infection. I was worried about taking Mason by myself and leaving Prior with Noi because these two have literally only been apart from each other once or twice in their two years of life. But they survived and it was about 5,000 times easier with only one boy.

When we got home the boys went down for their nap. When the boys woke up, Prior was acting sick. Pulling on his ears, complaining that they hurt, etc. The whole dramatic nine yards. Great timing, I thought, since I was JUST at the doctor. We let this go on for a day or so and each time Prior watched Mason have medicine, he wanted some. 

"Medicine too!" said P!

So Sunday morning Ben bundled him up, drove him to the clinic, waited in a waiting room of about 25 kids, only to find out his ears are crystal clear. 

So we had a severe case of FAKE-SICK in our house. 

Later that afternoon, Prior pushed a chair over to the kitchen counter, got up on the chair, grabbed Mason's medicine, and said "Medicine too" and let out an extremely over-the-top VERY FAKE "cough-cough".


I'm definitely in for it!

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