Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our New Cousin, Abby

This weekend we headed south again. This time to Ankeny to visit our new niece/cousin, Abby, who was born on May 6th. She is such a little peanut! I cannot believe that my boys were ever that small (and they were even smaller!) She's just adorable and we were so glad to be able to see her. She's also such a good baby (I also don't think my boys were that good, either!) The boys didn't seem to mind when I was holding her. I guess that means they are ready to be big brothers - NOT!


On Saturday morning we went to watch Kennedy's soccer game. The weather was fantastic and the boys loved running around.

Go Kennedy!

Wait for us, Dad!

On Saturday afternoon we went to Ben's cousin, Alicia's, high school graduation party. The first thing Mom did when she arrived at the party was grabbed a beer. A shiny cold can was exactly what the boys wanted as well. So they each got their own cold one, unopened of course. They carried it around all afternoon. By the time we left, the beers were very warm and they each had hundreds of dents in them from being dropped. Who needs toys? 

Ben with his brother-in-laws, Brent and Jason.

By this time, Ben was telling me to put the camera away.

Believe it or not, long car rides make for grumpy boys. So I ended up in the way back of the truck to entertain. It worked! (Prior...and you can see his 7th tooth coming in!)


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