Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Tote System

The "tote" system is incredibly effective around our house. I am sure many moms use this system. We take all of the boys' toys and books and divide them into several plastic totes. This accomplishes two things: First, there are only 75 toys and books on the floor at any given point in time, as opposed to 750. The livingroom only looks like a F1 tornado passed through rather than a much more destructive F4. And secondly, it is like Christmas morning each time a new tote is opened. This effect works every time. The boys are actually more intrigued and excited to see the toys and books than they were the first time they saw them. 

This weekend the boys were acting a little bored so we pulled out a new tote and voila! 30 minutes of serious play time.

For those of you with children, 30 minutes is a very very long time. I would compare 30 minutes to what 2 or 3 hours felt like before I had children. This 30 minutes gave me time to cut up apples so we made some blueberry applesauce. HUGE hit with the boys. YUM!

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