Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dinosaur Cakes

Have I mentioned my self-imposed challenge related to the boys' birthday cakes?

For the boys' first birthday, I made them baseball themed smash cakes. On their second birthday, I used the same cake pans to make piles of dirt for their truck-themed cakes. Not really on purpose, but it worked. But after last year decided that it would be neat if I could use the same pans each year, regardless of the theme.

1st Birthday Cakes
2nd Birthday Cakes

So I was pretty proud of myself when I found this inspiration on Pinterest:

While the fondant was a bit intimidating, I was sure I could do it. I had 'mastered' the fondant thing when I made Ben's grooms cake for our wedding just a few years ago.

I used a homemade fondant recipe thanks to my dear friend Kristi. It's not nearly as disgusting as the Wilton fondant out of a box. This recipe is simply melted marshmallows and powdered sugar and a little water! Oh - and a LOT of kneading.

I baked the cakes and let them cool completely. We kneaded the fondant for probably 45 minutes. It took a long time to get it the right consistency and then also to add the color and get it just right. Next we rolled it out and as soon as it was ready I put a very light coating of frosting on the cakes so the fondant would stick to the cake. From that point I totally winged it. The neck took several toothpicks to keep it from falling down.

I asked Erika if she wanted to help. I don't think she knew what she was getting herself into. I think her comment was "my Mom never made me cakes like this!" 

As soon as the boys saw the cakes the next morning they were so excited. They told me several times not to touch their cakes!

And weeks later they ask me if I still have their dinosaur cakes!

sneaking a morning left over snack!

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  1. This does not surprise me at all:) You were the queen of stuff like this when we were younger. What were those little clay things called you used to make?? Awesome job. I just called Sam's Club and ordered Max's cake for his birthday tonight!! :)


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