Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lil' Landscapers, Inc.

As long as whatever needs watering is completely bone-dry/dehydrated/thirsty/nearly dead, these lil' landscapers do an A+ job. Perfect for all of your landscaping needs. Their slogan is "more is less". They are available for part time work beginning immediately. 

At some point they need to help pay for these diapers, right!?

And can I tell you how cute I think these little beaters "white under shirts" are on these guys!? Seriously! They go well with the way-too-big shorts. They'll be wearin' those next summer. Thankfully summers are so short up here that they won't be worn out!

IF, by chance, you were curious who was who... (in order of the picture, top to bottom)
P (M)

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