Sunday, June 5, 2011

He Build It

One day a man magically showed up at our house with a big truck filled full of wood and...

(as P&M say) "He Build It!"

The boys got to watch one guy put together their new swing set in under 2 hours flat. It absolutely positively would have taken Ben all summer. [Even Ben agrees]. While I was impressed with how quickly this guy put it together, the entertainment value from Prior and Mason's perspective was so high I was completely fine if it took him all day to put together.

This doesn't look like our backyard, does it? Yeah, we moved. I have a post started about the big move but it's not quite ready yet. Stay tuned. [P]

[Mr. Personality - "M"]


Dad in his vintage UNI t-shirt and Mason lovin' the swings.

If these aren't guilty looks, I'm not sure what would be. Clearly they were scheming about something! [M / P]

Swinging on the trapeze bar is a little difficult with a bum finger. Poor Prior! On that note, his finger is healing, but it still looks pretty rough. The entire finger is molting - it's strange but layers of skin are just peeling off. Part of the healing process I presume. He's very picky about the band-aids and how they are applied. If they aren't *perfect* we have to redo them. And, when he's supposed to be going to sleep at night and really wants attention, he'll pull the bandage off and demand a new one. Needless to say we've gone through a few band-aids.

More swingin'. It's finally summer up North and we're looking forward to a summer full of lots of swinging!

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