Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thankfully family pictures were last weekend...

What a great weekend! We traveled south - first stopping in Rochester. We watched auntie Cara coach her 9th grade volleyball team at a tournament, had lunch with Cara, Cory, and Grandma Julie, and got to see my friend Kristi's new place. Then we headed further south to Decorah. We had dinner with Grandma Julie and Great-Grandma Wall. And on Sunday we went to brunch to celebrate Grandpa Don's birthday.

I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures, but did get a few on the trampoline at Grandpa Don's. The boys freakin' love that thing... And it was so funny to see all of their hair sticking up. I know...I know...some of you have strong feelings about me cutting their hair.

So Prior tripped over his own two feet while we were at Cara's volleyball tournament and obviously didn't catch himself before he scraped up his nose. He was pretty tough - no real tears. These pictures were taken before Prior intentionally jumped headfirst off the couch once we got home on Sunday night and peeled a big chunk of skin off his nose. Seriously!? It looks much worse now. Thankfully we took family pictures last weekend!
Prior and his mile-high mullet

The side view


Mason - mid JUMP!
Here's to many more of the "minor" injuries!

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