Thursday, October 7, 2010

Missing: Remotes

In the master bedroom we have 2 remotes. One for the ceiling fan and one for the tv. One day, both remotes went missing. To be honest, this happens almost daily. There is no drawer, dresser, or bed that is safe from Jungle Jim 1 and 2. So when the remotes were missing on Saturday, we checked all of the usual places (i.e. any other room in the house, under the bed, under the covers, the closet, dresser drawers, laundry, etc.) No luck. The remotes (again, not one but both) were officially missing.

And then it came time to empty the diaper champ.

And guess what was inside!?

Two remotes (thankfully they were on top).

I wonder what else "we've" thrown away over the last six months?!

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