Sunday, June 27, 2010

Strawberry Patch Kids

On Saturday we visited a strawberry patch in Champlin. The boys (as you can see) loved it. Ben, Noi and I picked approximately 40 pounds of strawberries! The boys helped by taste testing just to make sure we were getting some good ones. I did my best to remove the stems of the many berries that made it in to their mouths but I'm certain I missed a few. Oh well.

I'm curious to see how long 40 pounds of strawberries last us. We froze most of them but at the rate that these boys eat fruit, they definitely won't last us until next season.

The red shirts and red faces drew quite a bit of attention from the fellow berry pickers. Before leaving the patch I tried to pay a few extra dollars for all of the berries the boys ate (they didn't exactly look innocent). One of the workers said we should have just weighed the boys on the way in and the way out! Ha! Lucky for us the eaten berries were on the house. These pictures were taken once we got back home - and you can see they were still eating! They went immediately into the tub after these pictures were taken!

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  1. Kristin - nice to catch up on your boys once in a while. Your latest post could be an ad for a baby detergent!


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