Sunday, June 13, 2010

Puppy PJ's

P&M - June 2010
(there is not a shutter speed fast enough to capture both boys sitting at the same time!)

Mason - June 2010, "Chillin"

M&P - June 2010

Mase - March 2009

Prior - March 2009

M&P - March 2009

When the boys were just innocent little five pounders, one of my favorite outfits they received were their Carter's puppy pj's from our friend Beans. Size: "newborn".

Just think: they have gone from size "preemie" to "newborn" to "0-3" to "3-6" to "6-9" to "9-12" and now to "12-18" months. They have been busy boys! (Haven't we all...)

So when we stopped at the Carter's outlet on the way back from Iowa last month and I saw that same puppy print in a slightly larger size, I just had to pick them up. (If I could have bought them in every size from "18 month" to "18 years" I probably would have, but I limited myself to the "18 month" size (times 2 of course).

And I must say - they look just as cute in the 18 month size as they did in the newborn size. My how they have changed!
Funny story: One of the animals the boys recognize at this point are puppies. I put these jammies on the boys for the first time and it was hilarious. They both looked at each other at the exact same time, pointed to one of the puppies on the others' pj's and said "puppy". It was so funny!

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