Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa's Helpers





Props were needed to get the boys to forget they were wearing hats.

Santa is very lucky this year - he has two of the cutest little helpers in the whole wide world. And I am also very lucky this year because I get to be P&M's momma. This is easily the best Christmas ever. 

I'll start with the hats. I would love to take credit for making these hats, but I can't. Just not enough hours in the day. I knew exactly what I wanted and was lucky enough to be able to find them on Etsy.

And then there are the pictures. Again, I knew what I wanted but haven't had time to learn enough about the various settings on my camera to get these effects. So our neighbor John took the pictures. John has a photography business but he takes pictures of really expensive homes - aerial and inside shots of the homes for sale. You know, things that don't move. It was hilarious - Prior and Mason would sit still still for about .2 seconds (and never at the same time). My favorite quote was when John said, "people do this for a living?!"

Thanks, John! I LOVE these pictures.

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  1. Very cute hats! Love the pictures too. do you have a 50mm lens for your camera? that's the lens you need to get the photos like that. 85mm lens is also a good idea though much more expensive than a 50mm one. Hope you have a great Christmas with your family. Tara just left Decorah for the twin cities so I hope she makes it there okay!


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