Thursday, October 1, 2009

Things Happen For A Reason (a Guest Post)


As promised, the following is a guest-post by Auntie Cara:

Things happen for a reason….

I am a firm believer in that statement. It may be hard to understand why things happen when they do and why at all, but in the end things always seem to work out, sometimes even for the better!

I knew that I had wanted to write about my ten day experience in the Schultes household, but wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to say. The phrase, “Great Birth Control,” had been coming up a lot. Even though I have no desire to have a child or multiple children right now, it wasn’t so overwhelming that I questioned the thought of ever having children. I could go into detail about the long days, late night feedings, and the fact that Ben was gone for a portion of the trip, but that would sound like I am complaining. The truth is the days flew by and didn’t feel long, I enjoyed getting up to help Kristin get the boys to bed and in fact I am thankful that Ben was gone (no offense), it gave Kristin and I a lot of time to catch up, chat, and enjoy each other’s company while also spending time with the boys. What this trip made me want to do was pack up my bags and move into their home (or maybe just near by). Prior and Mason are two of the happiest and cutest little boys, which how could they not be with parents like Kristin and Ben. It was so great to see the boys’ faces light up when their parents walked into the room. I feel so fortunate to have gotten to spend so much quality time with the boys and Kristin. This was the greatest trip home, a trip I will never forget. Thank you Kristin, Ben, Mason, Prior, and even Gus for such a great time at home and an experience I will never forget.

Things definitely happen for a reason!


Cara Mae

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  1. Okay, that's enough Cara. I have tears in my eys:)


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