Tuesday, October 6, 2009


P&M have been teething for about 4 months now. Each boy goes through about 4 bibs each day (8 total) and the amount of drool is a sight to be seen. Some days I wonder if they are dehydrated because there is no way the amount of fluid they are taking in exceeds the amount of drool that comes out. Anyway, 8 months old and still no teeth. Well, no 'real' teeth. This weekend we started giving the boys those cereal puffs that are like cheerios but dissolve easier than cheerios and the boys are slowly getting the hang of them. I, being the neurotic first-time mom that I am, break them in half. This picture is of Mason trying to eat a half of a cereal puff and it looks like he has two front 'buck' teeth. He's all smiles in this picture because we were laughing so hard at him!

Mason - when your front teeth do actually come in I hope they don't look like this! But if they do we'll have to take some of that college fund money and spend it on your grill!

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