Saturday, June 13, 2009


Another first for the Schultes boys. On Friday night we had our first few bites of cereal at 4 months. Gerber "oatmeal" mixed with milk. They didn't eat much at all - but I can't wait to find out what difference (if any) it will make in their sleeping habits once they get the hang of it.

It was so much fun to watch their faces when they had their first bites. Prior actually liked it, he just needs to figure out exactly how to swallow it rather than spit it back out.

It is so exciting to share all of their "firsts" with them. I knew this parenting thing would be cool but it has exceeded my expectations.

Here's the official "before" picture. The look on their faces is hilarious...

Mason and bite #1 - right back out.

If I lean my head back will it go back in? (Prior)

Not sure about this, Mom (Prior)

Prior and Mason

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  1. Yummy cereal! Hopefully they'll get the hang of it soon and you start seeing some results of it at night!! Both of your boys are bigger than Mya at 4 months so I think they're doing great! Ben wasn't a small baby huh:) He weighed more at 4 months than Mya did at 9!! too funny. Good luck with the solids.


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