Monday, June 15, 2009

Man to Man Defense

During fussy times (which has proven to often be the time when I get home from work until when the brothers eventually lose their fight against sleep) man-to-man defense is the only option. Zone defense simply does not work. 

The boys typically do everything together, sleep together, cry together, poop at the same time (seriously), etc. So when errands need to be run one of us usually goes and the other stays home with the boys. This proves to be a stressful situation for both of us - the one that stayed home is stressed for obvious reasons and the other is stressed thinking about the situation at home.

Our new "trick" is that we divide and conquer. 

We each take one baby. 

I am guessing that this might seem very obvious to you as you read this but I promise you that for months the thought of splitting the boys apart never even crossed my mind...

I think the boys like it too every once in a while. A little time away from their brother and more attention from mom or dad. It's times like that when I run into Target or the grocery store with one baby and can't believe how "easy" it is!

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