Saturday, November 14, 2015

Pick your Battles!

I try to be fairly strict with what the boys eat and what they say and do....but I've decided not to pick fights about what they wear!! For school, though, I did separate their "good clothes" and put those in the closet so they know that on school days they have to pick outfits from their closet. But non school days are up to them! This way they still get to choose, but I choose what gets in the closet as "good clothes."

The boys play so nicely with the neighbor girls. So when they play dress up with them, I just go with it. Even if that means Prior with his purse.

And Mason's go-to shorts of choice this summer were his padded bike shorts. And by "shorts of choice" I mean he wore them nearly every single day....just ask anyone in the neighborhood!

I love these guys!

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