Wednesday, November 2, 2011


There's just something about the state of California that I find very attractive...

This was a MUCH needed get away with Ben. Actually, our first trip together without the boys in at least 4 years. The boys are nearly 3 and I was in bed for what seemed like most of the year prior. All SO worth it, but it made this trip all the more special.

First of all, thank GOODNESS for grandparents. It's hard being so far away. We are so unbelievably thankful that both Grandma Barb and Grandma Julie were able to help out while we were gone. And Erika too. The boys were so excited for their grandmas that they asked for days leading up to our trip if today was 'the day' that one of them was coming!

In fact, while I was quite stressed out and not wanting to leave my babes, the boys barely said good bye when we left for the airport. Playing with Grandma Barbie was wayyyyy too much fun! And they each got an "A" for their behavior while we were gone. Thank you boys!

Here are the highlights:
  1. Alone time. I think on the airplane I asked Ben 5 questions all in one sentence (all because I could - with no interruptions!)
  2. Dinner and drinks with our friends from San Diego - again, with no interruptions
  3. Celebrating
  4. Playing with my camera settings - check out the fountain pictures. See the difference in shutter speed? 
  5. Morning runs outside 
  6. Meeting new friends
  7. A break from work
  8. Dressing up and a boat cruise
  9. Olive oil tasting
  10. Wine tasting and winery visits
  11. A gorgeous resort
  12. And two little mini ketchup bottles for my two little ketchup lovers

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