Saturday, May 21, 2011

Two Boys Age Two

[the photo is one that Noi took on her cell phone - it's one of my favorites!]

My mom, Grandma Julie, has written Prior and Mason several books. Some she's made herself and others she's had bound through shutterfly. They are really cool books. And I'm not just saying that because she wrote them.  I think she should publish some of her children's books. 

The book she wrote for their 2nd birthday is one of my favorites (and the boys') and I can't help but share it here.  Of course she had pictures to go along with each of the verses so it's not the full effect, but you'll get the idea.

I am easily annoyed when people (and this happens a lot) misuse the word "to", "too", and "two" when writing. Hopefully the boys will learn the difference at an early age!


Two Boys Age Two

TWO boys age TWO are ready TO go
and can get ready for TOO much snow

TWO boys age TWO can make a big sound
and in the pool can swim around!

Prior and Mason, TWO TWO year old boys,
have TOO much fun with all sorts of toys

TWO boys age TWO can play and share
and are TOO happy without a care.

TWO boys age TWO like to pretend with a yelp
The love TO lend a hand and help

TWO boys age TWO can act as silly as a nut!
These TWO age TWO get a salon hair cut.

TWO boys age TWO are big Hawkeye fans
and TWO fans of natural food, not from cans.

They love their books on grandma's lap
but TWO boys age TWO still need TO nap.

TWO boys age TWO
Are on the run
TOO smart
TOO sweet
TOO silly
TOO fun
TWO perfect boys, TOO!

For Prior and Mason
February 2011 
With love from Grandma Julie

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  1. That is awesome! I too am annoyed when people mis-use those words. It also annoys me when people confuse its and it's and their, they're and there! You'd think I was an English teacher! I also love the picture Noi took with her phone. It almost looks like one boy was smooshed up against a mirror!


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