Thursday, February 10, 2011

2 Year Pix

ATP came over to the house recently to "officially" document the boys' two-year milestone. I unofficially document almost daily! It's kind of like a golden birthday since there are two of them, right? (Anything can be justified).

Mason was pretty good in the very beginning (i.e. the first 3 minutes) but faded quickly. 

Prior was terrible the entire time - and I am not exaggerating. 

You'll notice he's holding my cell phone in half of the pictures. The alternative was a full blown terrible-twos-temper-tantrum. [Neither make for good pictures.] But hey - this is real life. In fact, I'm actually giggling as I write this and insert the pictures that oh-so-accurately document the details of the photo shoot.

I'm actually amazed that there were any keepers after how terrible uncooperative the boys were. Annie has lotttts more patience than I do!


So this is Mason - but I had to include it here because I think it looks so much like Prior.

Mason again - probably my favorite!

(Yep - just ignore the cell phone)

P - again with mommy's phone

This is what happens when you take the cell phone away.

At this point, I told Prior he would not be getting his own cell phone until he was in college.

How about snacks? Would that help?
{the correct answer is NO}

How about a few quick sucks on the pappys - would that help?

Fine - we'll just TICKLE you! 

Welcome Terrible TWO's!!

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