Saturday, November 6, 2010

Call off the DNA testing

The boys have always been easy for me to tell apart. Granted, sometimes I have to look closely, but I am never not sure for more than a second or two. And I'm pretty good with telling them apart in pictures, too.

But if there was any question as to whether they are fraternal or identical, I think these pictures taken by ATP clear things up. No DNA testing needed!!

(We do know for sure that they are identical).

Quick story on this topic:

So last week after work the boys were running around our bedroom at about a mile a minute. Mason tripped, fell, and started crying. Prior saw it happen and instantly dropped to the ground and started fake-crying too.

And we have seen a few instances of this copycatting since then.

Kind of hard not to laugh...this twin thing is so much fun!

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