Thursday, September 23, 2010

18 Month Check Up...



The boys turned 18 months old last month. BIG SIGH. And we made it to their 18 month appointment just 6 weeks late. There are worse things we could be late to...right?!

Nothing too exciting (which is a good thing!) - they are still on the same growth curve they have been on since birth. Only one shot - so that was a good thing too.

Height - 32 1/2" (50%)
Weight - 23 pounds, 1 ounce (10%)
Head - 49 cm (75%)

Height - 33 1/2" (75%)
Weight - 23 pounds, 2.5 ounces (10%)
Head - 49 cm (50%)

P&M are now both walking on their toes most of the time. Mason has been doing it since he started walking, but now Prior is doing it (I think he's just copying his brother at this point). We tell them to take full steps when we catch them doing it but it's clearly a habit. I thought Mason would have outgrown it by this point but instead he's taught his brother how to do it. Anyway, they are going to see a physical therapist later this month. Maybe they just want to be sprinters!?!

As we were packing up to leave their appointment, Ben stepped in a pool of liquid. That liquid was traced to a wet shoe, a wet leg, a wet shirt, and a diaper that wasn't put on tightly after the doctor examined his private parts. So, Mason had to go home shirtless!

Some highlights of what the boys are up to...
- size 4 diapers
- one nap a day - around 11 am
- molars started to come in
- they are kind enough to tell us when they have a dirty diaper
- "no" is one of their favorite words
- they are still mama's boys!

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