Saturday, March 20, 2010

March Madness

This post has nothing to do with basketball, but the title is a perfect way to describe life these days. Ben is in the middle of "busy season" and work is very busy for me as well. And then there are two little boys whose middle name is BUSY! I am amazed at just how busy it is - time goes so unbelievably fast. And fun of course. I'm a little behind on updates, so here's a summary of what's new:
  • the boys are learning to eat with a spoon. As you can see with the pictures, they are still learning. Mealtime is typically very messy but when you turn the utensils over to the monsters it is even messier.
Mason and his messiness


Mason and his messy hair. Very "Kevin from Home Alone"-ish
  • Every waking minute is a quest to redefine "trouble" (times TWO!)
  • Speaking of trouble, I had to re-baby proof all of the outlets. Why? The boys found a way to use their little fingers and pull out the outlet covers. I had never heard of this. The covers were the "Safety 1st" brand and I got them at Target - the only brand they carry. It was to the point where it was safer to have no covers in the outlets because the covers actually would draw more attention to the outlets.  I found a different brand at the grocery store of all places and thankfully they seem to be working much better!
Prior in action
  • One of my two New Year's resolutions was to take a photography class. I took my first class with my friend Katie and so I've been trying to play around with the manual settings here and there. I have concluded that it may make the most sense to start with objects that don't move, rather than two little boys that move in opposite directions. 
Still learning!

A little better...
  • I decided to repair all of the books that were ripped or falling apart. The clear packaging tape worked like a charm.
  • both boys are starting to attempt to repeat everything we say. It's not enunciated yet, but it is to the point where you can tell it is a deliberate attempt to repeat what they heard. Mom and Dad need to start filtering the swear words very soon. This will not be easy!
  • Mason and Prior's personalities continue to develop, which is super cool. It is kind of like living in the middle of a science experiment. Knowing they have the exact same DNA makes it so interesting to evaluate their differences. Mason continues to be the bully - he just has that look of trouble in his eyes. Prior is much more sensitive and more of the "cry baby". Mason is frequently stealing toys or pacifiers from Prior and Prior just whines or cries about it. If Prior steals something from Mason, Mason just steals it back or finds something else. 
  • After meal time the boys like to clean up after themselves by eating the crumbs that are in the bottom of the highchairs. YUMMY!
  • Our renter is moving out of our condo downtown - know anyone that is interested? It's just a few blocks from the new Twins stadium!
  • Auntie Cara comes to visit next weekend and we are SO excited!

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